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I know how important the economy is – not just to us, but to our children and their families. Politicians in Washington have failed us all on so many economic issues. As they spend time inventing crises and fighting over the wedge issues that only affect the interests of a few, the people of middle-class America have suffered. Many of us struggle to make ends meet, instead of pursuing our goals and thriving in this great nation.

My economic policy is people-centered, and focuses on helping people achieve their American dream. I will support policies that free our economy, enable it to grow, and create new jobs.

Empower Small Businesses to Grow

Too many of our small businesses are encumbered by regulations, taxes, and bad policies that make hiring new workers and expanding nearly impossible. As a Congressman, I will work to ensure federal policies enable local businesses to grow, instead of weighing them down. Small business owners need a tax structure that is simple and straightforward, so they can dedicate more time to their trade and less time with paperwork. Small businesses need to see a long-term budget and business plan from the government so they can properly plan for the future and make the investments needed to grow their business.

Too Big to Fail is Too Big to Exist

We cannot tolerate the failed policies of the past, which aim to protect large companies from failing and serve as handouts to corporate cronies and those who grease the right palms in Washington. Corporations must be held accountable. We will not allow the taxpayers to simply ‘foot the bill’ for the bad decisions of Wall Street.

Enact Real Tax Reform

I believe we need a flat, simple, pro-growth tax policy. Right now the people at the top of the ladder can employ huge armies of tax lawyers to drive down their tax bill, while everyone else pays more. By simplifying the tax code, eliminating loopholes, and lowering the marginal tax rates on all Americans, we can uphold standards of fairness and accountability in the tax system.


Our children are the most important part of our collective future, and we need to make sure that American children can earn the best education possible. By empowering the state’s freedom in education - not burdening them with bulky, one-size-fits-all programs, like ‘No Child Left Behind’, we will secure our children’s’ educational success. I support legislation that frees Pennsylvania from these programs, and encourage educational block-grants which promote and foster scholastic innovation.


It is time to end the spending spree in Washington. Incredible waste and absurd fiscal irresponsibility wastes billions of taxpayers’ dollars every year.

I will support the efforts to mandate a balanced budget. I will work to reduce congressional and White House budgets by 15 percent and fight to impose a three-year suspension on pay increases for politicians.

I also support a permanent ban on all earmarks, because, while they represent a small fraction of allocated monies overall, they serve as the trading chips by which politicians pass imprudent legislation.



We have the greatest doctors, nurses, surgeons, and health professionals in the world -- our problem begins with inaccessibility and affordability.

Unfortunately, the solutions proposed by Washington have only made the problem worse. I oppose the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as ObamaCare. Travelling across these United States, I have developed several options that will provide both superior care and accessibility.

In place of ObamaCare, I endorse targeted care for those with chronic health concerns and true financial hardship, to ensure they receive the care they deserve. Additionally, I believe it’s time to end the individual healthcare tax; all purchasers should be allowed to buy healthcare with pre-tax dollars.



I support the philosophy that our Forefathers inscribed within the Second Amendment: The citizens of the United States can best determine how they will be protected. I also believe that the solution to the senseless violence our nation has recently witnessed begins with better enforcement of our current laws, but is not limited only to addressing policies regarding firearms. We must take a deeper look into the cause of these tragedies, and address other underlying factors, such as mental illness. There is a clear need to improve our country’s mental health services and ensure that support is available to all who need it.


As a pro-life candidate, I believe we must find means through which we can uphold life for all. By strengthening community-centered groups who provide much-needed support, we can ensure that new parents and single-mothers are educated about compassionate alternatives, such as adoption.


I believe in the vision our founding fathers had for this country: States should be innovators of Democracy who develop original legislation which best serves their citizens. As a Congressman, I would oppose any federal policy that forces a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution onto the state of Pennsylvania.