Meet Matthew Dietz

Matthew Dietz is the best candidate to take
YOUR voice to the Hill

Matthew Dietz is running for U.S. Congress because he knows we deserve better in Washington.

Currently a commercial pilot, Matthew had worked his way up from a baggage handler to a Captain for LR Services. Flying across the country has given Matthew a unique perspective on what makes our country great, as he has had the opportunity to see so much of it and interact with a diverse array of people.

Though born in New Jersey, Matthew has lived in the Lehigh Valley for 22 years. He and his wife, Lori, live in Wind Gap with their three children. Like many other local families, Matthew clips coupons and accumulates gas points to make ends meet for his family. The policies coming out of Washington often make it harder for too many hard working families in our region to get by – but Matthew plans to change that.

Matthew is also a dedicated community leader. He volunteers at his church and also serves on the Wind Gap Borough Park Board.

As a Congressional candidate, this is Matthew’s pledge to his constituents:

1. I won’t take the taxpayer-funded pension
2. I won’t create any special laws that don’t apply to Congress members
3. I won’t take a paycheck if the House can’t pass a budget